Terms and Conditions

  1. All viewings and visits to Grandview Gardens are to be by prior arrangement.
  2. Nothing is to be hung on the walls or ceilings in the venue or are to be romoved. Candles need to have holders or plates.
  3. Most ceremonies commence after 3.00 pm depending on daylight savings. These times are to be arranged with Management when booking or in our wedding planning.
  4. All guests must have vacated the premises by 11.30pm on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
  5. All guests must have vacated the premises by 10.30 pm on a Sunday through to Wednesday night. Check out our Hours of Operation page on our website.
  6. Caterers must be registered with the DCC and we only allow an A grade caterer on the premises. The caterers must supply sufficient food for the whole function. Our preferred Caterers are Toast'D, His and Hers Catering, Sweet As A Nut,Precinct Food:
  7. All children under 14 years of age must be supervised at all times by an adult.
  8. We suggest and encourage people hiring Grandview Gardens to use buses
  9. If a bus company is to bring two buses to the venue for a function, we ask that they can leave one bus at the venue to mitigate vehicles on the roads if possible.
  10. If vehicles are to be left at the venue overnight we request that they be picked up between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon the following morning.
  11. We are a BYO venue and suggest ratios to people hiring the venue in our individual planning, people hiring the venue need to supply a range of alcoholic, low alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Therefore we request that guests do not bring their own beverages to the premises as beverages are supplied by the people hiring the venue. We have a Host Responsibility and intoxicated guests will not be served. If there is any doubt about some ones age the bar staff will check identification. The acceptable forms of identification are HANZ 18+ card, Current Passport, New Zealand Driver's License, Kiwi Access Card.
  12. This is a private property so we request that everyone respects the premises and use rubbish bins supplied and smoke in the designated areas.
  13. No smoking in the indoor areas at all or around the farm as the farm does become a huge fire risk in the summer. There is one designated smoking area on the premises which has signage. Our friendly staff will show you where the area is
  14. Fresh petals are not to be thrown inside the venue only on the lawns. No confetti is allowed on the premises.
  15. No dogs on the premises at all, unless you have made prior arrangement with Jo. Please don't be offended if we are to ask you to take your dog home if you have not made prior arrangement.
  16. We ask that guests please drive slowly and quietly past our 2 neighbouring homes when coming and going as their homes are close to the road and often there are birds and cats on the road by their homes.
  17. We encourage car pooling to the venue for viewings, setups and rehearsals to ensure guests know where to go as some days we have tight time frames
  18. We ask that all drop offs and setups to the venue be on the morning of a wedding between 8.30 am and 12.00 noon at the latest. eg. Cake delivery, bands, flowers etc, If this is not suitable please contact Jo to make other arrangements as we are happy for deliveries to be carried out the day prior to the function or in the evenings if the venue is not being utilised.
  19. All Musicians must do a sound check with staff when setting up at the venue and be aware of our Noise Management Plan.
  20. The MC must inform guests of safety procedures detailed on the Safety Procedures List provided by Management.
  21. No helicopters are to be utilised at Grandview Gardens unless in case of an emergency.
  22. Photographs taken within the public road corridor are to be discouraged.
    The clients hiring Grandview Gardens need to be aware that Grandview Gardens is also a working farm and has multiple hazard areas to be aware of and we recommend while the bridal party are walking around the farm getting their photographs taken that they need to wear appropriate footwear to ensure they don't slip or fall and cause injury to self or others. We also discourage climbing on the Speights horse drawn dray for photographs.
    All contractors that are working at Grandview Gardens must be aware of our Health and Safety Policy and be inducted on site and sign in and out when on site. All electrical alliances being brought in must be tagged.