Complaints Procedure

Your complaint is Important to Us

  • Grandview Gardens is committed to treating your complaint or concern seriously and responding promptly and fairly.
  • Every complaint or concern is an opportunity to address how we do things and how we can improve.
  • We will investigate your complaint or concern and ensure that it is addressed appropriately.

How to Complain

  • In most cases your first expression of concern will be to a Grandview Gardens staff member who will record and attempt to resolve your complaint or concern.
  • If the matter is not resolved at this time then your complaint or concern will be addressed by the Manager and/or the Owner as appropriate.

    It is important that we know about the complaint or concern you may have at the earliest opportunity so that we can respond promptly. Knowing about your concerns or complaints is a valuable way for us to improve our service to you and others including our community to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience at Grandview Gardens.
    Grandview Gardens contact details for complaints are or 034861407 or 0272950812