FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When should we book Grandview Gardens? A: We often book a year ahead so contact us now to see if your date is free or check our Event Calendar.

Q: When should we book our photographer? A: Immediately after confirming your venue.

Q: When do we book our caterer? A: Immediately after booking your venue.

Q: How long is the drive to Grandview Gardens from Dunedin? A: 25 minutes in a car from Dunedin, but allow 45 minutes for your bus trip if they need to pick up guests from Mosgiel.

Q: When is the best time for the bus to arrive to collect guests at the end of the night? A: If the bus is to arrive at 11.15pm then that gives the guests ample time to say their farewells and board the bus.

Q: Are there deposits to confirm bookings with venues, photographers, caterers etc.? A: Yes businesses all request deposits to confirm your bookings. Check this out with your businesses as they vary and some deposits are non recoverable if you cancel. By paying a deposit this helps secure your date

Q: Are babies included in our numbers? A: Yes they are, as this is for our fire evacuation plan and the safety of everyone.

Q: How many round tables do you have at Grandview Gardens and how many guests do they seat? A: We have 8 round tables that seat 10-11 guests. We suggest 10 is a good number.

Q: Are the tables big enough for a family style buffet? A: Yes they are, but you really need to have no more than 10 guests per table.

Q: How long do you suggest it would take for the ceremony? A: Approximately 30 minutes on most occasions.

Q: How long do you think we should allow for our photos? A: We suggest up to a maximum of 2 hours for a group photo, family photo's and farm photo's.

Q: How do we know who to get photos with? A: To speed things up on the day, we suggest writing a list of who you want to get photos with so you don’t forget anyone on the day. It's also good to have the MC calling guests in order so that speeds things up on the day and allows you to keep to a timetable.

Q: Will our photo's be used for advertising? A: Before your wedding you will be asked if you are happy for photo's to go on our website or facebook page? A: This is entirely your choice and decision and photo's can be removed at any time at your requests if you change your mind.

Q: If we are hiring fish bowls or vases from Grandview Gardens, can we take them away to give to the florists? A: Check it out with the florist. We are happy for them to do the flowers here the day before or the day of the wedding. Yes are also happy for them to go to the Florist if that it is easier.

Q: Is there wheel chair access and parking? A: Yes, although we also like to know in our event planning so we are able to assist guests.

Q: Are we allowed candles in the venue? A: Yes, but they must all be in holders. We have some on our hire list.

Q: Are we allowed confetti? A: No, there is to be no confetti at all on the premises. We are happy for fresh rose petals to be thrown only.

Q: Are we allowed to bring our pet dog to our ceremony or for photo's? A: Yes, as long as you have made prior arrangements with Jo. All dogs must be on a leash at all times and have all vaccinations up to date. Claws and Paws kennels is on the next road who are more than happy to bring dogs over for family photo's.

Q: Are we able to have a ceremony elsewhere (like a church) and then come to Grandview Gardens? A: Yes, it is entirely your choice and discussed in our wedding planning.

Q: Is there a wet weather option if it rains? A: Yes there is, inside the venue in front of a fabulous open fire or under the oak trees if rain is not too heavy.

Q: Can we ride in on horses? A: Certainly, we have paddocks available. This needs to be arranged prior to your wedding day. Often to take the pressure off couples bringing in horses we are happy for them to stay the night.

Q: Are we allowed fire works? A: No, as this is a working farm and a fire hazard. We are more than happy for sparklers to be used (under supervision), as they make fantastic photos.

Q: What quantities of beverages do you think we will require? A: Ask Jo as it depends on the number of guests of course, also if any guests are have any special requirments ie diabetic, allergies, You must supply sufficient non alcoholic beverages and lower alcohol options.

Q: If family are setting up the venue, when are we able to do this?
A: We allow families in to setup between 10am and 5pm.

Q: What time do you suggest we do the rehearsal? A: we suggest doing the rehearsal one or two days earlier at the same time you have your ceremony, that way you can see where the sun is situated for photographers.

Q Do we have to have a rehearsal? A: Yes a rehearsal is a must to ensure that your music is long enough for walking in, this is a great time to also work out timings and spacing for walking in and where everyone will stand. Jo is always present at a rehearsal for guidence.

Q: When are we able to view or bring things out to Grandview Gardens? A: Times are all by prior bookings, we like everything to be brought out to the venue between 10am and 5pm. Due to flights and work commitments this is not always possible so Jo is happy to meet in the evenings.

Q: What do we do if someone has a special food requirement? A: Talk to your caterer and see what vegetarian, gluten and dairy free options they can offer as this is extremely important to your guests. It is also a good idea when sending out your invites to ask your guests then if they have special dietary requirements.

Q: Are we able to host just a small intimate ceremony and have photo's in the gardens and on the farm?

A: Absolutely we have many different areas in the gardens and on the farm that we can have your ceremony. We also have an indoor option in case it rains. We also have everything here to hire so you don't have to go anywhere else.

Q: What is your minimum number you can have to host a ceremony?

A: We can have numbers as low as 5, 10, 20, 30 its your choice

Also, please check out our Terms and Conditions.